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And Time Moves Us On

I know I have been mentioning “blessings” a lot. But it took losing physical sight to fully see the love of our family and friends around us.

In the short time after Fern’s accident and before our move, we had a “moving crew” organized for us. This group of men showed up at our door the morning of our moving day. Two of these men retrieved and drove the truck for us. Men dismantled Fern’s metal shelving units in our garage, and remantled the same into our storage area. Containers and furnishings flew by me in a fog… Thank God someone else was in charge! My lovely friend, Wendy had organized, prepared and served a marvelous healthy lunch at the property when we arrived. My wonderful friend, Janice, brought us dinner, and with cleaning supplies in hand, ushered us out of our former home with full assurance that all would be taken care of with love. Fern was not the best patient, in that he had to be regularly ushered back to rest, but, all in all, chaos ran somewhat smoothly. And, all this was just one weekend! One crazy beautiful weekend.

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