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Broken Can Be Beautiful

I was asked to be the MC at the annual Ladies’ High Tea, which got me to thinking of spring, and new beginnings, and this Ladies’ High Tea with all the fancy tea cups... I know that I have been sharing about my husband and I living in a school bus that we have been converting into an RV, but that being the truth, we have been having the “best of times, and the worst of times”...

Being reminded that we have minimalized our lives, we only have four of every dish, and only kept favourites… teacups handed down from my grandmother, or a special friend, or a gift from my daughters; mugs that we had difficulty to choose from, since we had a tradition in our family of giving each other mugs at Christmas, as well as really personal mugs at random special moments… Also, I had made a pact with my husband to keep most windows in the bus because I am very environmentally sensitive and love sunlight…

That background put in, Fern and I were so hyped to finally get the tiny home on the road after 10 months of being parked in one spot to build, and in just two moves -- we put dents in our new fridge door from one of our kitchen drawers sliding open and smacking directly into it, our freezer door opened and a glass dish flew out to smash against the kitchen window, some tea cups and a mug broke in their drawer, a fancy plate was cracked, and lastly (at least for the inside of the bus), and definitely not the least of the nastiness - a tree took out two of our kitchen windows!

At this point, I felt awfully broken! And then, God brought this to my mind: If I use all those broken pieces, I could design something beautiful and useful...like a mosaic tray for carrying a treat to my husband, or for serving tea to visitors. And I was encouraged in that reminder that God takes my brokenness and makes a beautiful story with my life. And He can use me to encourage you with the beauty He can shine through my life into yours...Who can you encourage this week? What will you let God do with your brokenness that will make the world around you more beautiful?Broken CAN be beautiful!

(As an aside, I do want to say that we love our RV life, regardless of troubles. Everyone has trouble no matter how or where they live, so please don’t take this as negativity for my lifestyle. And thank you, my friends, for your consistent encouragement and love!)

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