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More Than A Few Good Men

Is it any wonder that we enjoy living in our tiny home, when we know the love poured into this place?

A few short weeks after Fern's accident, our amazing friend, Don G, called to ask permission to organize another work party - this time for building. Why we might say "no thanks", is a mystery to me ;) But, Don is never assuming, and definitely one of the most polite men I know! He, and some other men from our church family, got together and organized a day to come over. They did whatever we asked of them in the way of building.

Coming all the way from New Brunswick, an old friend and electrician, Don W, wired our whole place. That may have been a "tiny" job, but it was an important one!

I am forever thankful for these good men!

My husband is unequivocally a good man...other than getting annoyed with himself for not wearing his safety glasses at the time of the accident, he never complained about the loss of sight. Unlike anyone I have ever known, Fern continued on as if little had changed. With dogged determination, he has poured himself into our home on wheels, and continued his business as well as his work as a deacon, with a smile on his face.

I am blessed!

See these beautiful babies? These are our grandchildren. And they wouldn't be here if their mamas weren't working with us. How can I not be overwhelmed with love?

I am grateful!

Although from these photos one cannot see much progress in our build, there was a lot going on to move us ahead, and even more important, as I am sure a lot of our friends would understand, we were being built up inside as well!

#goodmen #thankful #blessed #tinyhome

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