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Find Your Happy

Such a gorgeous day!! Sun shining, gentle breezes, and fluffy snow falling all around -- wait!! Wrong season! And my nose tells me - that is nasty allergy causing pollen floating through the air around me...

Believe me, as soon as we arrived and parked, I got the screens in!! But, I love taking to the trails as soon as possible in every area we are located...

Yesterday, I made the slightly huge error of not bringing tissue with me on my walk with the fur babies, and at a somewhat far point, incessantly sneezing with my legs crossed, I decided to turn back for home! So today, I was stocked in preparation!

With headphones on, music piped in, tissues in my pocket, and fur babies by my side, I found my happy place! Dance jogging is my all-time favourite activity :) It is quite the workout, and I just cannot stop smiling while doing! Yes, I get beeps, if I am on a sidewalk, and once, a paramedic stopped his ambulance just to say that he never saw someone having so much fun, and that he loved it! I love it, and that is really what counts ;)

Today, we found some awesome trails in Baie D`Urfe, Quebec! I love how Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec are making sure there are trails everywhere!

And so do Charlie Brown and Cinder Ella! "Happy" literally means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment... What age is it when we stop letting ourselves show happiness in the little things around us? I receive so much pleasure in seeing one of my grandchildren's faces light up so easily - and knowing that I brought them pleasure!

Life is too short to try hard not to attract attention, or concern oneself with wondering what others think of you... find your happy. YOUR happy. Grab some tissues and get outside. And enjoy life!

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