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Awesome Storage Solutions

I do love me some organization! Good thing, because living in 216 square feet, we need organization!

My family can attest to the fact that scenery changes often inside our home, it always has... and living in this bus conversion is no different. You may think it would be, since we can't exactly swap rooms or move furnishings...but it is through experiencing this lifestyle, that I have discovered what works and what doesn't, as well as how I can make something work differently - or more efficiently. With space at a premium, almost everything has to be multifunctional ;) So, all in all, we had to brainstorm some awesome storage solutions!

That being said, I bragged about the barn-style door that our daughter and I made for the closet/ powder room in a previous blog, which since then, I have taken it down, flipped it, and attached pallet-style shelving to it! And now, it simply looks like a shelving unit, complete with eight wicker baskets, but if slid sideways, opens to our closet! I love it!! (In my head, I heard a sweet little voice squealing in delight, while squeezing her stuffed unicorn...) I haven't finished staining the unit as of yet, and I also want to add mirrors on the one end to be used in the bathroom area - we have a severe lack of mirrors in here, and there have been many a time this past year, when I happen to see my reflection in a mirror while out in public, and think, "I went out looking like this?!?!" My husbands regular response, "You're beautiful! I love you." Thankfully he actually looks at me while saying this, otherwise I may not believe him ;)

My second favourite storage solution is the humungous rolling drawer I built for under our bed. It is 2/3 the width and length of our queen-size bed. Because our bed frame is over the wheel wells, it is higher than most, giving me almost 16 inches of depth to work with. I made this one drawer out of solid pine, with dividers inside, and wheels underneath. This gem holds a motherload of stuff. (Not useless stuff, just stuff that we don't use all year: special occasion serving dishes, scrapbooking and photos, winter coats and such...) Obviously, we had to have enough empty floor space in front of the bed to pull out said drawer, but since this is our walkway/ living area, it works out perfectly.

Note: We built one of the benches tall enough to fit our dog's kennel underneath.

Thirdly, we have our shelving/ couch area - made with wood, and loved on with pillows. Aren't these the prettiest summer cushions from our daughter? Yes, my favourite colour is pink...

We use plastic storage containers in the shelves simply for easy access. TIP: We do not store clothes in those containers any longer, since in winter, there was condensation under the couch because of a) lack of sufficient floor insulation, and b) lack of sufficient air flow. We have shortened the length of the front cover on the couch, put spacers under the containers at the bottom, and will be adding to the insulation before this fall.

We do continuously have to keep organized in our tiny home, with which I am fine, but this can cause some friction between the polar opposites in our characters in this area... but apparently I am having to learn patience, and my husband has to learn his own lessons, which aren't up to me ;) I do enjoy coming up with solutions for space, though! Hopefully, this gives you some ideas, and if you have any for me, that would be great! We can never have too many awesome storage solutions!

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