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The Moments Are Worth So Much More

I have always wanted to be one of those grammas that lives alongside her family - really lives life with them...

I thoroughly enjoyed growing and experiencing life with my husband and our children, including spending time as a family with my parents, and I did not want to lose that enjoyment simply because our children had grown and flown from our nest.

So, at that time of life that's "mine", and I could "own it", I went back to school, excelled in my courses, and worked in health care -- I loved it! But then, the inevitable happened... a first grandchild came, and my heart was stolen right from me!

Suddenly, without that crucial organ, my job was simply holding me captive. Within four months of meeting that grandbaby, my husband, our youngest daughter, and I, all quit our jobs, sold most of our furnishings (including a beloved 100+ year old upright grand original Heintzman piano), and drove over 3000 kilometers, to live near family. (My father had also been deathly ill, which was very disconcerting.)

You know, I don't regret it! There are "things" that I miss at times, but the moments are worth so much more!

I was so excited to have our first picnic table at our property. A picnic table? Mhm. When our oldest grandson came yesterday morning, we had a great time building a picnic table together. (Grampa got us started, then left us - the puzzle-challenged woman with the five year old boy...) The thrill of being big enough to help, the look of concentration when using the hammer, the responsibility of finding the correct size of drill bit, the intense focus while working a wrench, placing a washer, screwing a nut onto a bolt, all done with interjected "I love you"'s, stolen kisses, and chatter -- these are moments I cannot miss and do not want to forget.

The staining part was harder to endure.. Hehe... "Not so much on your brush, buddy..." "No, no. Always follow the grains/ lines of the wood..." "Oh, dear, Mommy is not going to be happy that we got stain on your shorts..."

Every day we are making something, and I want my projects to involve people. You know, little people are enthusiastic workers and cheap labour ;) Perhaps I am selfish, well, I know I am...but although I love shoes and gorgeous purses, I want to be remembered for the moments lived, and that I prioritized hearts and lives, and loved what truly matters, because the moments are worth so much more!

#themomentsareworthsomuchmore #grandchildren #buildingapicnictable

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