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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a land closer than you may think, there lived a young couple. Well, a middle-aged couple that were young at heart 😉 And, although finances weren’t their best feat, this duo decided not to give up on the dreams they shared over the years, but simply to go about them in a different manner than many others. Selling most of their possessions, they bought a retired school bus, determined to make themselves a travelling home.

During the first month of working on their dream, the hard-working husband was injured, and lost his vision in one eye. Did this deter the couple? No indeed. Family and friends came and helped the middle-aged couple move ahead with their starry-eyed goal.

Once upon this same time, there lived a lovely and kind-hearted widow that owned much land. This lady felt in her heart, that she did not need all the acreage she owned, and so she went about her search for those who would appreciate her sharing with them. The couple were thrilled to meet the gentle widow, and find a small piece of land to call “their own”, where they could park their tiny home on wheels and live happily ever after. They pay rent, she pays land tax -- harmonious living 💕

But, like all fairy tales, there has to be a villain - and this story doesn’t fail to provide! Here we insert a rugged, hairy, and bitter man, living right next door.

Upon first arriving to the new acreage, the couple excitedly introduced themselves, and invited the neighbour to their home, showing him neighbourly love. Never did the couple cross over onto the neighbour’s land, and they were always friendly and courteous to him.

One fine summer day, our neighbourly villain came to call on the couple with an amazing money-making proposal. Upon hearing of the scheme, the couple kindly declined to host a RAVE party for the neighbour, regardless of the fact that he would provide the “supplies” and share the profits. The couple chose instead, to be law abiding citizens. This angered the now not-so-neighbourly villain and he began to plot against the unsuspecting couple, and the widow that owned the land, as well.

In time, due to some foolish young people, who did not respect land boundaries while living in a trailer on another plot of land rented by the widow, the crazed villain came to call, yielding an axe and loudly spewing out threats to all the leasing land tenants. Local law authorities became involved and when our villain was reprimanded, he decided to fight in a much more crafty manner -- making complaints to the city against all the leasees.

Questions are now being raised by the leasees, who are being forced from the land…

Can we truly live how we want - quietly and harmoniously in our own manner,

not leaving a footprint or harming the environment or others?

Do we lose all rights or freedoms or protection from bullies, simply because we want to live off-grid?

Has the evil villain won?

Insert the Good King, the King of Kings -- He was here all along, part of the story, and unbeknownst to some, the One really in control. Some circumstances He allows, regardless of how negative they may feel whilst going through them -- but our lovely widow and dreamy duo are trusting their King to work all these things out for good. Why? Because He promised He will. “...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

And so, “to be continued” is where our tale must be left at this time. The story continues to unfold, (who knows what new adventures await!), and although good and evil are at war in the land, and the happy ending is not as yet, still there is peace in our hearts and minds... With trust, comes peace 💕 The happiness is in the journey...once upon a time...

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