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Just a Dream

"A goal without a plan is just a dream." Dave Ramsey

I admit, I am a dreamer, as is my husband...together we can be dangerous!

Don't get me wrong. As a mom, I had every day planned. I spent Sunday evenings planning my week. I spent days in the summer, planning my home school year. I planned meals. I planned regular events at my home, as well as at my church home. I am an organizer.

When it came to life that included my husband? He's a 'fly by the seat of your pants' kind of guy. His way of life brought much needed breaks to my completely scheduled life.

But, although we talked of goals for our life, we didn't make actual plans, so yeah, we were just dreaming together.

Two years ago, we decided we needed to make a change.

We originally had a loose plan on the build of our RV tiny home - for those of you just getting to know us, we live in a converted school bus/RV/tiny home on wheels. So, we began this build with some plans, but when my husband was injured one week into the build, putting him flat on his face for a time, I was left in charge.

A foreman with no clue, leading a group of men that just wanted to help... I missed steps in our original plan, and the build didn't turn out was well as it could have. Almost two years later, we are still repairing neglected jobs, not able to go back in time, but looking forward to doing things right. We have had to add insulation to floor and walls, add a second heater to the front half of the RV, cover some of the windows (to keep out cold in winter, as well as heat in summer), and we need to get to repairing the motor and outer shell.

We literally have dates figured for each job. This, my friends, is a PLAN because the goal is to be rolling outta' here for June.

The same storyline can almost be used with regards to our finances. We have learned, the hard way, that neglecting your pre-made budget is never a good idea! Although our goal was to be debt free within three years, we did not follow our plan. So here we sit, two years later, middle-aged, and starting over again, again.

And this is why my husband and I were excited to see this newest Super Bundle available, "Master Your Money". After all, we have one year to meet our original goal with our new plan!

Included in this cool financial advice package are ideas about making money on the road -- obviously of keen interest to those like us, wanting to travel. Increasing, Managing, Budgeting and Saving Money -- all fruitful endeavors that are part and parcel of this bundle from a reputable and widely known company called "the Ultimate Bundle".

Are my husband and I going to stop being dreamers?

Nope. It's who we are.

But we are learning to be planners, too, because "a goal without a plan is just a dream", and we want to reach those wonderful goals of our dreams!

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