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Finding Free Fun

How can we preach about low cost living and not prove it in our lives? Don't get me wrong - we absolutely LOVED our Caribbean cruise last January/ February!

So, maybe I should say that we try hard to find the most fun in everything we do, and free fun is THE BEST!

Wherever we are visiting or living, no matter how short the time period, we search for local hiking spots. Finding free fun is awesome! Ontario has so many hiking trails available for use. The ones we love the most are the pet friendly ones!

If there is one activity I do NOT appreciate, however, it is shopping! Why would I even bring that up at this time? Well, my husband is an avid COSTCO fan, and seeing that he has to frequent this store often for propane refills, and takes advantage of their amazing low cost fuel for the car, he "has" to run into the store anyway... Want to know how he entices me to join him on this venture? He found a hiking trail right nearby the store! Yep.

The way to my heart, besides anything that is pink, is a good hike in the great outdoors! Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area is one such place, and is part of the infamous Bruce Trails. The hike itself is easy, if you stay on a trail... We brought two of our grandchildren with us, and they loved it too!

The scenery is absolutely lovely! The terrain is grassy, with plenty of rugged areas - rocks, large tree roots, small hills, an abundance of trees, and of course, a waterfall!! That description is almost contradictory, but the landscape is so varying, that it feeds your soul!

Only nature's noises touch your ears, so you can come out of the trail totally refreshed, even though you join the city life immediately thereafter.

If this is not enough to entice you to take to the Iroquioa Heights Conservation Area trails, keen to know something else that is awesome about the Bruce Trails? The website has a page just for geocaching! Here is the link: https://brucetrail.org/pages/trail/bruce-trail-caches And just for us avid eco-friendly people, the caches are all natural landmarks, nothing put there by man. Is that not cool?! God-given game pieces!

Other than the trip to COSTCO, which you do not have to make, this trail falls right in there for finding free fun! It is only less than 4 kilometers in length, and you can make it whatever difficulty level your heart desires that day! And hey! bonus points? Since this Conservation Area is part of the Bruce Trails, you cannot get lost - simply follow the markers painted on the trees, and you are on the right track.

Get out there and have fun! Free fun!

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