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to Tell a God Story

I checked on her frequently, just to make sure all was ok...

She was known for moving herself to the edge, and had almost completely fallen off her bed, was in obvious pain, and afraid...

I gently helped her back up onto her bed, and with her death hold on my hand, she suddenly looked directly into my eyes and boldly proclaimed, “God sent you here!” Goose bumps formed on my neck... I mean, you have to understand that she generally speaks neither loudly, nor clearly, yet this was definitely a bold proclamation.

Seeing my confusion, she repeated herself, clearly. And then, added, that she had prayed for someone to come, and God sent ME. She then asked for my name, and when I told her, "Kim", she said, "I‘m going to call you, Angel." We laughed together.

I prayed with her, and she thanked me. And from that moment on, she smiled when I would come to care for her, say my name, work with me, and thank me... all the while, I knew that she would get angry and resist others...

I only had the privilege of knowing her for two weeks. On a Tuesday evening, I went in with the nurse, and assisted this lady. She looked into my eyes, ever so softly thanked me for holding her gently, as I asked her to place her arm around my neck so that I could move her upper body into a more comfortable position. Then she just started praying…

On my next shift, I was making my usual check up on her, and opened her door to find an empty room. She had passed into eternity in the morning...

I thought it would be of great encouragement to start sharing "God Stories"... things that happen in our everyday lives, that are so obviously God at work. Today's is only one of many that I have already journaled about, and am looking forward to regaling to you, my friends!

God brought us into each other’s lives, this frail woman and me, and I know she made an impact in my life - hopefully, I did in hers, as well.

I love to tell a story - and a God Story is the best!! If you want to send me a God Story from your life, I would gladly share it here!

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